Selling C of E Primary School

Pilgrims Way Primary
Village Acedemy

Class R

A Message from the Class Teacher, Miss Summers


Term 1

We have had a fantastic time this term, getting to know each other and our new classroom!

In Literacy we have been looking at Fairytales. We watched Miss Summers and Mrs Leader acting out the Three Little Pigs (with costumes!), we used Goldilocks’ porridge oats to practice writing our sounds (s, a, t, p, i, n, m, g, o, c, k, ck, e, h, b, d, r, l, f) as well as our tricky words (I, the, go, to). We read the Gingerbread Man, wrote a recipe for gingerbread and cooked our own, and even designed our own Sweetie House like in Hansel and Gretel. We also prepared our hands for writing by making them strong with Dough Disco and Write Dance (volcano-themed!).

In Maths we have been working on counting slowly and touching each object in a group when we say each number. We practice each morning by counting all the children. We also practice each day our days of the week song, working out which day it is and the next number for the date in the month. We learned how to use tally to count totals, and loved pretending to do the register to tally who was having school dinner and packed lunch.

We’ve also been planning and building models, using shaving foam as cement for the small bricks, and making large-scale construction with the tyres, drainpipes and crates! We’ve been using our problem solving skills, not only for these activities but also with our friends to help us share and play together.

On a Wednesday we enjoy music, singing and joining in the actions to the songs we are learning. We use the ICT suite on a Thursday afternoon, and after Half-Term we will be starting P.E. To help us with getting changed, please ensure all clothing items are clearly named, and encourage us to get dressed and undressed independently at home!

Term 2 we will be looking at 'Animals and Pets', and to kick-off this theme we will be having a visitor from Wildwood come in to see us at the end of term with some animals for us to meet!