Our Community MAT

Our Community Multi Academy Trust is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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School Council

Our School Council is elected by the pupils from every year group; it meets regularly with the Head of School to discuss matters of interest to the children. Representative also attend one staff meeting a term to discuss the ideas they have generated.

Term 1

During the first weeks of the new school year, each class voted for one girl and one boy to represent their class in the School Council. The School Council was introduced to the whole school during Celebration Assembly and the members were awarded their School Council pins.

Their first official business was to discuss the risk assessments for each classroom and to compile a list with potential dangers around the school and playground areas. The School Council members then went around the school with Mrs Deysel, checking on the reported dangers. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the hole in the fence had already been fixed, the wobbly banister had been secured and that some of the other reported 'dangers' were not dangerous at all!


Term 2

The School Council took it upon themselves to run the fundraising for Children in Need. It was decided that the theme for the whole school dress-up was 'Spotty'. Posters were made and displayed across the school. All the classes received resources and lesson ideas to help celebrate Children in Need day. The Year 6 School Council members sold Children in Need merchandise. £281.00 was raised in total, well done!

On Friday 13th November the School Council was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet the Member of Parliament for Faversham and Mid-Kent, Helen Whately, who came to visit Selling School.  She took time out of her busy schedule to chat with the School Council members.  She explained how she was elected into her position, just like the School Council members!  The children asked some very insightful questions and though long and hard about what they would do if they were in charge of the country for the day.  Closing the school for a day and organising a huge bonfire was top of the list.


Term 3 

School Council Meeting – 26.01.16

Year R – Rosa and Arthur

Year 1 – Myla and Harry

Year 2 – Tom and Daisy

Year 3 – Charlie and Kelsey

Year 4 – Elliot and Alexandra

Year 5 Megan and Ashton

Year 6 – Charlotte

Absent: Reuben (Year 6)





Pupil Council

BD explained that some people find the name School Council confusing as it is not clear if it is for the adults, the staff or the children. In a recent newsletter (PFA) the term Pupil Council has been used. It is the same as the School Council and we will keep the name ‘School Council’, just like it says on the badges.



In Class 2 during their Current Affairs Time, they watched a Newsround programme in which the use of Minecraft in schools was demonstrated. It looked very interesting and Class 2 would like Selling School to subscribe to Minecraft. The other children in School Council had some discussion about the benefits of Minecraft and it was agreed we could probably learn a lot from it.

BD to look into what it is exactly and inform Mrs Dyer.

Behaviour Policy

BD asked the children’s opinion of the school’s Behaviour Policy. All children knew what the ticks on the wrong/sad side meant and this is the same for each class. Ticks on the happy side mean different things in different classes, but the more ticks on the good side the better!


It was felt that the wrong side should not have ticks but rather crosses because a tick is a good thing and shouldn’t be on the wrong side.


The happy/sad face are boring. There were suggestions of using a sun, rainbow, clouds, rain and lightning theme, or a lit and an unlit candle.

Student Council to discuss thoughts and ideas with own class.


Megan in Year 5 asked if we could get lockers for the whole school as things fall off pegs or other people take things and move them.

Mrs Dyer


Alexandra in Class 4 asked clarification about the wearing of loombands, is it allowed or not? The children decided amongst themselves that as loombands are not part of school uniform, they should not be allowed to be worn. BD confirmed this.


Change in playtime and lunchtime

Kelsey stated that a lot of KS2 children don’t like the change in lunchtime as they are hungry at 12:00 and don’t get to eat for another half an hour.


It was felt that there was little advantage for KS2 children in the split lunchtimes as hardly anyone plays on the little playground so all the same children are still on the same playground.


KS1 children are happy with how things are.

No one in School Council felt it all had to change but they would like it if more TAs were out on duty so they could spread out more.

BD to speak to KS2 TAs about making field available during lunch to open up space – TA meeting 27.01.16

Next meeting

Next week Tuesday at 13:00 in ICT suite. Pupils to have opinions of their classmates about Behaviour Policy.

BD to inform teachers.

Term 4

School council meeting 17/03/16

Charities: Demelza house was elected unanimously as our charity for next term.


  • Infants take up 5 minutes of afternoon and morning play (Y6)
  • Year 6 monitors on playground – the infants don’t keep their hands to themselves , they keep touching, hugging etc. and don’t listen when told off
  • When small chn do something wrong at playtime and the year 6s take them to the adult on the playground, they don’t get their name on the board, bigger children do, this is not fair.