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The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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2019-20 Archive

Class 3 - Badger Class

Term 5

Home Learning Activities

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14 Day Challenge

30 Day Lego Challenge

Yr 3 Maths Number Recall facts

Yr 3 Geometry Recall Facts

Yr 3 Geometry Recall Facts 2

Link to BBC Bitesize KS2 all subjects

Spellings for week ending March 20th

Text about the Romans

Questions about the Roman text

Multiplication and Division Workbook

Year 3 Maths Revision booklet


Home Learning Opportunities

Week beginning: 13th July


English Writing 

End of Year Memories

Write all about your favourite memories from this school year. There is a sheet with prompts to help you. If you want to write more, maybe you could draw your favourite memories on the help sheet and write about the memories on a separate sheet. The sheet includes questions like:

What was you favourite moment?
What was your favourite book?
What was the best thing that you learned?

End of Year Memories

Inverted Commas Practice

Practice using and recognising where inverted commas should be used. Some sentences are written for you in the booklet and some you are expected to write for yourself. Start by working on the activities where the sentences are written for you first, then try your own sentences. Remember you need to 'open and close' speech marks/ inverted commas, we use the numbers 66 an 99 to help us remember. 66 opens speech marks, where someone has stared speaking, and 99 closes them when whoever was speaking has finished talking.

Inverted Commas Booklet

Reading Comprehension

You can practice your reading and answer some questions about the text. The questions are not included on the sheet but are on a separate word document.

The Story of King Midas King Midas Questions

Spelling Rules - Common Exemption Words (Words you can't use only phonics to spell)

Practice these spelling words. You can practice them by writing them out lots of times, by doing a Look, Say Cover, Write, Check test and by using pyramid words, mnemonics 

(Big Elephants Cause Accidents Under Small Elephants), rhymes, fancy writing, word maths or by using drawings help you remember the word.
The only rule is to spell the word correctly!


Words ending with a silent 'E'

1. Arrive

2. Believe  

3. Breathe

4. Continue

5. Imagine

6. Minute

7. Notice

8. Promise

9. Sentence

10. Surprise


Can you create a a silly sentence using some of your spelling words? For example:

I promise that you will continue to notice with surprise just how silly my sentence is.



This weeks maths work is all about statistics. The children will focus on interpreting and representing data in charts and graphs. These will include tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. There are also some questions about the data once the chart has been completed. The trickiest thing to remember is what the key is telling you when reading a pictogram.


Statistics Workbook

Time Table Challenge Sheets

You can also practice your times tables using these times tables activity sheets. 

1 Star = 2, 5 and 10 times tables
2 Star = 2, 3, 4 and 8 times tables
3 Star = All times tables 

Times Tables Colouring Challenge


TT Rockstars & Mathletics

Challenge your friends, Mr. Hardie and the other teachers on TT Rockstars. Make sure you practice them on the other game modes as well. You can also login to Mathletics and sharpen your maths skills online. If you're not sure of your login details, then contact me via 




Ancient Greece - The Olympic Games

Did you know that the ancient Greeks invented the Olympic games? Yes! The very same olympic games that we still celebrate and watch today!


The olympic games now however, are very different from the olympic games of the ancient past. This week I would like you to compare the modern day olympics with the ancient Greeks olympics. There is a help sheet to help you with some suggestions, however I would also like you to include some ideas for your own that compare the two.

For example - 

Do you think all the countries of the world would fly their athletes to Ancient Greece to complete during the Olympic games of Ancient Times? Would this be possible?

Would were bikes invented in ancient Greece for cycling events or even the game of football?

Ancient Olympics vs Modern Olympics



Grow your own plant

Over the next few weeks, grow your own plant from a seed. Some great plants to grow are:

- Shasta Daises 
- Sunflowers
- Sweet Peas
- Nasturtiums
- Poppies

Make sure you research what your plant needs before you start to grow it. Some plants need very specific areas, different amounts of light and water to grow properly (that's why you don't see cacti growing in the fields of Scotland!)

Life Cycle of a Plant

This week in science I would like you to create something that shows the life cycle of a plant. You can create anything, a poster, a powerpoint presentation, a flip book, an set of instructions using Minecraft, its totally up to you (there are some ideas on the help sheet). There are some special words tat you will need to know and include to make your design. Maybe you could research these words online or even look them up in a dictionary? The words are below:

- Germination
- Growing
- Flowering 
- Pollination
- Fertilisation
- Seed Dispersal

The Life Cycle of Plants

Other Subjects

Join Joe Wicks for his PE - YouTube live stream at 9am from Monday to Friday.

DT/ Life Skills
Help a parent or guardian cook a meal.
Learn how to clean up properly (How does the hoover work? What can and can’t be recycled? How do you wash and dry plates properly?).
Do some gardening outside.

Find out how to say all the colours of the rainbow in a different language. Maybe you could create a rainbow picture with the colours in the foreign language for your window to cheer up people walking by?

Practice reading aloud every day for 5 to 10 minutes.

Here are some comprehension question prompts for parents.

Comprehension Prompts


Parents you can support you children’s learning by using these handy websites


Click here for some games which support computer programming skills

Revise facts about volcanoes and the city of Pompeii by searching here

Fancy learning a different language? Click here

For a whole range of interests, activities and quizzes, check out DK Findout!

To access reading books, go to Oxford Owls at home and set up an account.

For more educational games linked to all subjects, click here.

Join Joe Wicks at 9am each weekday for a workout