Our Community MAT

Our Community Multi Academy Trust is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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The intent of the Science Curriculum

At Selling C of E Primary School we believe Science should help children to become effective, resilient and curious learners by delivering a curriculum that recognises the importance of Science in every aspect of everyday life. As one of the core subjects taught in Primary Schools, we give the teaching and learning of Science the prominence it requires. The scientific area of learning is concerned with increasing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of our world, encouraging learners to develop skills associated with science to become thoughtful and responsible, life-long enquiry based learners.

The intent of our Science curriculum is to deliver learning opportunities that are accessible to all and maximise the outcomes for every child so that they know more, remember more and understand more. Application of this will result in:

  • Development of scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through specific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Understanding of the nature, processes and methods of Science through a range of enquiries to answer scientific questions about the world around them.
  • Be equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of the application of Science today, and for the future.
  • Develop an enthusiasm and enjoyment of scientific learning and discovery.


Using the Kent Primary Science Scheme of Work across the school, this enables children to develop both their scientific understanding and their mastery of the nature, processes and method of science. Children have opportunities to test their scientific thinking and ideas through working scientifically in every unit of learning. Scientific vocabulary is linked to each unit allowing the children to become familiar with, and use, technical terminology accurately and precisely. The science units of learning are linked to the class enquiry based topic question where possible.