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Selling Church of England Primary School

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Christian Distinctiveness

Selling Church of England Primary School offers a caring, exciting and ambitious learning experience, grounded in Christian values.


Our school vision:


Our nurturing and inclusive school follows Jesus' example by knowing and celebrating every individual and serving our local community. Our holistic, rich and exciting learning experience promotes reflection and challenge through exploration and questioning, enabling all to flourish and grow to become outward looking, respectful and compassionate citizens of the world.


Long before the government became involved in providing education for everyone in our country, the Church of England had a vision that it wanted every parish to have a school for the education of poor children. Our school celebrated its 150th Anniversary in April 2022 having been established by the Church of England in 1872. Now, we have a diverse range of children attending our school but the core purpose of educating the children remains the same. We seek to encourage a life-long love of learning with children showing resilience after setbacks and a positive mindset to reach their potential.


As a Church of England school, we are a community with a distinctive Christian character. Our aim, like all other schools, is to offer the best education but the way in which the school works is different and distinctive. This distinctive difference is rooted in our Christian values that affect the way in which everyone behaves and the way in which everyone is respected. In order to nurture children's spirituality at Selling Church of England School:


  • is led by a Headteacher who is committed, with the help of staff, to maintain the Christian character of the school
  • enables children to engage meaningfully in a daily act of Christian collective worship
  • offers school life that incorporates the values of the Christian faith
  • ensures that 5% of curriculum time is devoted to Religious Education
  • observes the major Christian festivals
  • ensures that children of other faiths are able to and encouraged to mark their major festivals with integrity
  • maintains and develops an active and affirming relationship with the Parish of Selling
  • proclaims that our school is a Church of England school and makes appropriate use of Christian symbols around the school


Our Core Christian value - compassion


Although all the Christian values are promoted at our school, compassion is our core value. To help the children understand what it means to be compassionate, we refer to the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25 - 37) and explore the actions of the man from Samaria who helped the Jewish man who had been injured on the road and left for dead on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho. Despite the challenging relationships between the men's two countries, the Samaritan did what he believed to be right and not only stopped to care for the Jewish man but took him somewhere safe and paid for him to be looked after until he was well again. Through this, the children explore how being compassionate is more than just showing kindness towards someone - it asks more of the person, often by them showing empathy, sensitivity, kindness and self-sacrifice.