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Maths Papers

These videos will give you and your children some guidance about the different papers, questions and how to work through them. 

Y2 Reasoning Practice - Fabulous Fractions

Check out this week's reasoning practice on Fractions, can you find the answer before Mrs G explains it?

Y2 SATs Inverse Operations Reasoning Practice

Hey there Special Agents, back again and this time we're going to have a closer look at questions all about how understanding the inverse of calculations can help you with some SATs style questions and I'll show you how I would work out the answers. How many can you work out before me?

Y2 SATs Arithmetic Mixed 1

Hey there Special Agents, let's check out a mixture of all of the arithmetic questions we've been learning how to answer over these last few weeks. Don't forget, a good Special Agent always takes the time to read each calculation and always takes their time!

Y2 SATs Arithmetic Mixed 2

Check out this week's mixed arithmetic practice and work with me to tackle each question by making sure you read the question carefully before choosing the method you prefer to work out the answer. Can you get the answer before Mrs G?

Y2 SATs Shape Reasoning practice

Can you remember the names and properties of 2d and 3d shapes? Check out some SATs question types that we may see in our Special Agent tasksin a few weeks. Can you find the answer before Mrs G?

Y2 SATs Arithmetic Sneaky Subtractions

Hi Special Agents, check out this week's video for the arithmetic style questions we may meet in our Special Agent tasks in school. This week's video will help you practice even the sneakiest of subtractions as well as showing you that sometimes there may be more than 1 way of working out the answer.

Y2 SATs Reasoning Multiplication and Division

Hi there Special Agents, this week's training video will look at the different types of multiplication and division questions you may see when we do our reasoning tasks in class. Grab a pencil and some paper and see if you can beat Mrs G to the answer!

Y2 SATs Understanding Number reasoning practice

Hi there Special Agents, how good are you at reading numbers? Do you know the difference between tens and ones and largest and smallest? Check out these questions and see how you get on!

Y2 Arithmetic Practice 3 - Multiplication and Division practice 1

Check out the types of multiplication and division questions you will see in your arithmetic paper and begin to learn about how to find simple fractions of number. Come back soon to learn fractions of numbers in much more detail in next week's Special Agent Training video!

Y2 SAT Reasoning Paper Practice 1

A first look at the Y2 Reasoning SAT paper and a closer look at some SAT type questions based on number and place value. Keep your eyes peeled for more Reasoning quizzes on a range of maths topics coming soon!