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Reading Papers

These videos will give you and your children some guidance about the different papers, questions and how to work through them.

Y2 Reading SAT skills Practice 1 - Tick the correct answer

Let's start to have a look at what we will be expected to do in a reading SAT paper by taking it a skill at a time. This week let's scan and skim and when we find it, underline it to help us choose the correct box to tick to find the answer!

Year 2 Reading SAT practice quiz 2

Y2 SATs Reading - When you find it, Underline It Practice

Hi there Special Agents, let's have 1 more practice scanning and skimming for key words or phrases in the text to find the answers to some more Special Agent style questions. Don't forget - when you find it, underline it!

Y2 SATs Reading Paper 2 Practice

Hey there Special Agent readers, now you're almost fully trained and super readers, are you ready for the challenge of Paper 2? Let Mrs G talk you through how this reading job is a little bit different than the tasks we've practiced before. As always, let Mrs G help you at home and let's do this together!

Y2 SATs Reading Scan and Skim Practice

Practice your scanning and skimming skills in this week's video that will show you how to read the question first and then scan the text quickly for the most important words in the text. When you find it,underline it so you don't forget your answers!

Y2 SATS reading practice 4 - go back and re-read the text to find the answer

Hi Special Agents, check out this brand new reading quiz where you have to go back and re-read the text to help you find more than one answer to 1 question. Don't forget when you find it, underline it to help you remember the answer!

Y2 Reading SAT mixed practice 1

Hey there Special Agents! Now we've practiced some of the key question types in previous videos, can we use what we've learned to tackle a mix of reading questions? Don't forget - when you find it, underline it!

Y2 Reading SATs Paper Practice 3 vocabulary based questions

Do you know what lots of different words mean? Check out this week's special Agent training video and see how many of these reading comprehension questions you can answer. Good luck Special Agents A

Y2 Reading SATs practice 5 - Find and Copy 1 word

Hi there Special Agents, check out this week's Reading comprehension training. Check out how to find and copy 1 word when doing any reading comprehension style work. Good luck!