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Spiritual Development

At Selling Church of England Primary School, we define Spirituality as:​

An awareness that there is something other and something greater than ourselves. Spirituality is a source of creativity open to us all.


At Selling CE Primary School, we have starting using three visual images to help children consider their spiritual development.



  • Opportunities for children to be aware of the world in new ways, looking out into the world. ​

  • To wonder about life's 'WOWS.' Things that are amazing. ​

  • To think about life's 'OWS' that take us by surprise! ​

  • Learning about life in all its fullness. ​

  • Windows – Learning about life ​

  • We give children opportunities to become aware of the world in new ways; to wonder about life’s ‘Wows’ (things that are amazing and unexplainable as to why they evoke such a response) and ‘Ows’ (things that upset us and cause us to be uncertain).  In this, our children are learning about life in all its fullness. 

  • Opportunities to reflect on their experiences. ​

  • Looking inside yourself. ​

  • Consider life's big questions and reach for some possible answers. ​

  • Learning from life by exploring our own insights and those of others. ​

  • Mirrors – Learning from life ​

  • We give children opportunities to reflect on their experiences; to meditate and reflect on life’s big questions and to consider some possible answers.  In this, they are learning from life by exploring their own insights and perspectives and those of others. 

  • Opportunities for children to respond. ​

  • Moving onto a new path or situation. ​

  • To do something creative to develop and apply our ideas. ​

  • Learning to live out our beliefs and values. ​

  • Doors – Learning to live life ​

  • We give children opportunity to respond to all of this; to do something creative as a means of expressing, applying and further developing their thoughts and convictions.  In this they are learning to live by putting into action what they are coming to believe and value 


Links with Collective Worship



When everyone in the school has gathered, the candle is lit to signal the start of Worship.



Symbolised by a window. The gather element is when the Bible text is 'opened up' using a particular creative medium.



Symbolised by the mirror. This element is sometimes known as the 'sending' part of an act of Worship. It provides an opportunity to consider how those present might want to respond to what they have experienced and step out (as if through a door) of their comfort zone.


Spirituality within our Curriculum 


At Selling Church of England Primary School, we promote spirituality though each curriculum subject area. Here are some examples of how we promote this across the curriculum areas.


SubjectHow do we encourage spirituality across the curriculum?
  • Identifying pattern and creating awe and wonder regarding numbers
  • Exploring truth in terms of number
  • Perseverance when tackling tricky tasks
  • Sense of achievement 
  • Creating confident learners 
  • Teaching children self-worth and encouraging them to take risks 
  • Identifying Maths concepts such as time and space
  • Understanding the world and others feelings through books and texts
  • Developing compassion and understanding of others 
  • Understanding emotions through written words
  • Having aspirations through inspiration in books and text
  • Visiting other worlds through books and text
  • Creating and idea of awe and wonder through literature
  • Perseverance when writing/reading
  • Sense of achievement 
  • Creating confident learners through developing reading and class discussions
  • Teaching children self-worth and encouraging them to take risks
  • Developing a sense of questioning the world around them
  • Asking questions about faith and religion on a personal and wider level
  • Use of music and art
  • Worshipping
  • Understanding other cultures, opinions, values and points of views
  • Understanding many celebrations and beliefs
  • Developing an understanding of commitment and sacrifice 
  • Asking questions about science, religion and the world
  • Having an awe and wonder about the various scientific concepts
  • Discovering space, the universe and beyond
  • Creating links and questions between science and religion
  • Perseverance 
  • Awe and wonder of what can be found on the internet
  • Joy and excitement of what can be developed and created
  • Communication with others and how to take responsibility for themselves online
  • Working as a team
  • Self-actualisation 
  • Caring, encouraging and supporting others
  • Participating in sports teams to achieve a bigger goal
  • Understanding failure and disappointment as well as success and joy

Creative Arts:

- Art

- D&T

- Music

  • Discovery
  • Understanding the beauty in design and the world
  • Personal achievement
  • Perseverance
  • Communication and working with others
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding how subjects such as art can have an emotional impact on the beholder
  • Understanding the world and the way people treat each other in subjects such as history and geography
  • Perseverance 
  • Resilience 
  • Achievement 
  • Self-exploration and an understanding of you as an individual 
  • Understanding other cultures, opinions, values and points of views
  • Understanding of diversity
  • Questioning the world and the environment
  • Looking at war and peace
  • The wow of physical geography.
  • The ow of discovering different physical regions do not provide the same opportunities.
  • Questions about the care of the environment
  • Empathy with people from other parts of the world
  • Being in touch with past people, things and ideas
  • Handling artefacts
  • Influential events and people
  • War and Peace
  • Invention and exploration
Collective Worship
  • Prayer
  • Reflection
  • Sharing collective worship
  • Listening to stories 
  • Connecting together 
  • Sharing a multitude of emotions and feelings
  • Empathy 
  • Awe and wonder
  • Creating questions
  • Encouraging self-exploration
  • School values 
Around the school
  • Promoting self-responsibility for behaviour
  • Caring for others inside school and on the playground
  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Thankfulness 
  • Manners
  • Helpfulness