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Weekly Spellings and Phonics

Week 3

Phonics Spellings:

  • Grow the code 'ai' - eight, aight, ey, ea - eight, straight, break, grey, great, prey
  • 'kn' - know, knee knock
  • 'gn' - sign, gnaw, gnash, gnome
  • 'mb' - thumb, lamb, comb, climb, crumb, bomb
  • Grow the code 'ear' - ere, eer - deer, cheer, sneer, steer, here, meerkat

Tricky words: busy, beautiful, pretty, hour


Year 2 Spellings: This week our spelling rule is the 'j' sound spelt with a 'ge' or 'dge'.


  • badge
  • edge
  • bridge
  • dodge
  • fudge
  • age
  • huge
  • change
  • charge
  • village

Week 2

Phonics Spellings:

This week we are preparing for the Phonics Screening Check so will be reviewing alternative sounds. 


Year 2 Spellings: This week our spelling rule is to add -ing, -ed, -er, -est and -y to words. 

  • patting
  • patted
  • humming
  • hummed
  • dropping
  • dropped
  • sadder
  • saddest
  • runner
  • runny

Week 1

Phonics Spellings:

  • 'ph' - phone, dolphin, photo, elephant, alphabet, triumph
  • 'wh' - whine, white, whistle, whisper, wheel, whale
  • 'ie' - shield, field, shriek, brownie, bodies, belief
  • 'g' - gem, giant, gentle, ginger, magic, danger

Tricky words: they, sure, pure, said, were, one, says, here, today, their, people, your, any, many, who, whole


We will also be reviewing these sounds in preparation for the Phonics Screening Check:

  • a-e - shake, make, bake, mistake, lake
  • e-e - concrete, trapeze, compete
  • i-e - shine, crime, fine, line
  • o-e - phone, bone, home, alone
  • u-e-  cute, huge, mute, flute
  • a, e, i, o u - paper, he, tiger, go, unicorn
  • are - care, share, mare, hare


Year 2 Spellings: This week we will be reviewing previously taught spellings and common exception words. 


  1. Possessive apostrophe. 
  2. Contractions 
  3. Common Exception Words (door, floor, poor, find, because, kind, mind, behind, child, wild, climb, most, only, both, old, cold, gold, hold, told, every, everybody, children)
  4. Words ending in 'tion' (station, fraction, addition, motion, section, invitation, portion, competition, caption, caution)