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Celebrating Homework! Term 5

Ethan's local food map and produce tasting!

Ethan went shopping and found a lot of local produce that he thought he would tell us about as part of our "Where does our food come from?" unit this Term 5 and how to shop for local produce in our country. He labelled a very detailed map of where the produce came from, with a little summary about each item. Ethan's produce tasting seemed to have gone very well too. What a happy face! Well done for your hard work Ethan!

David's food poem!

David takes us on his favourite food journey with clever rhymes and beautiful illustrations. Good job David!

David's British Specialities Map

A lovely and detailed map about various food specialities and produce from our little island to celebrate our national local foods. Well done David!  

Alex's Lasagna poem

How much fun did we have listening to Alex's Lasagna poem! Such wit in these entertaining lines and a very insightful description of his favourite dish. Fantastic work Alex!